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As Corporate Facilities Manager for JAJ Enterprises, it can sometimes be a challenge to find consistently high-quality, dependable contractors to handle the service needs of our various northwest facilities.  When I find one, I hang onto them and call on them whenever the need arises.  When that company is also friendly, courteous, and flexible from top to bottom it makes the entire process even more enjoyable.  From our first job with Matt and his folks at Revolution, not only have all my expectations been met, but consistently exceeded.  They have been more than accommodating, even on those occasions when I’ve run into the unforeseen and critical “show-stopper” situations where I needed to press for quick and even out-of-area service at our various facilities.  From Matt right on through to every one of his crew that I have worked with, I highly and unreservedly recommend Revolution Electric!


Doug Rutherford

Corporate Facilities Manager

JAJ Enterprises, Coach Glass