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Let’s Talk Commercial Lighting

Lighting for your business or workspace is essential to creating a welcoming and productive atmosphere. Light has a huge impact on us and even helps with setting our body clocks. That is why quality lighting in your office is key. Recent studies show that the quality of light in your office leads to higher satisfaction and productivity in employees. Good lighting is important and even can influence customer shopping patterns and habits for those retail commercial spaces.

There is a multitude of options you can have when it comes to lighting your office. We at Revolution Electric recommend LED lighting options as they are the most cost-efficient and offer the most flexibility. Led lighting is more expensive upfront, but you recover the savings in the long run, compared to other lighting methods.

Things to Consider

When looking at lighting solutions for your commercial space, there are several factors to take into consideration.

  1. Type of Lighting. Not all commercial spaces are created the same and the type of lighting you have for your commercial space will vary. This lighting can be determined by factors such as natural light, task, and overhead lighting.
  2. In your commercial space, not all lighting should be the same color. Some LED lightbulbs change colors which can add a splash of color to space or provide more ambient lighting.
  3. Energy Efficiency. Having energy-efficient lighting can save your business money every month.
  4. Type of Usage for Light. Some applications require more lighting than others. If you at a desk using a computer all day you will need far less light. Other tasks such as manufacturing will require more light.
  5. In most workplaces or offices, the age of the people in the space varies. Younger people may require less light while older people might require more light.

Simple Commercial Lighting Tips

  1. Update Light Bulbs. Replacing older style light bulbs like fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen with LED can save electricity costs and are more durable, and handle extreme temperatures better than their older counterparts. LED light bulbs last longer than their counterparts as well.
  2. Look for Energy Efficient Solutions. Not only is having energy-efficient lighting good for the environment, but it also reduces costs for your business. With more consumers becoming conscious about going green, having eco-friendly lighting can be a selling point, and lead to an increase in sales for those businesses that are retail-oriented.
  3. Look for Smart Features. Many LED lightbulbs on the market now come with smart features such as WIFI. Bulbs with WIFI have many features because of the WIFI connectivity such as being able to schedule times for your lights to turn on and off, auto-dimming, and motion sensors. You also want to look for bulbs that have the ability to change colors and temperatures. Being able to have lighting that has motion is key for any modern office or workspace and also saves on electricity costs

We at Revolution Electric are happy to speak to you and your team about commercial lightning solutions at any time. We offer a variety of services ranging from lighting to distribution power services. We have helped over 500 businesses in the Eugene area with their lighting and electrical needs.

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